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This Section is basically my mind poured out onto the Internet.  Some of the information is of my own creation, and some is just paraphrased collections.  Credit is given, when available.  Stay on the Journey but not the Path.  Make your own path and others will follow (Ralph Waldo Emerson).  Love to All.  J
Here is just a partial list of the vast Freedoms that Americans currently have.  I'm sure you'll sense some sarcasm.  J
-          The Freedom to choose a representative from a pre-selected group of people you have never heard of before to become a member of a wealthy minority of benevolent humanitarians to improve your quality of life, which is just so Awesome!
-          The Freedom to obey all laws, without objection, put in place by a wealthy minority of benevolent humanitarians to improve your quality of life, which is just so Awesome!
-          The Freedom to choose the corporation you will pay for services that you do not want or need as required by a wealthy minority of benevolent humanitarians to improve your quality of life, which is just so Awesome!
-          The Freedom to choose the design of licenses that will be displayed on EVERY form of transportation that you use as required by a wealthy minority of benevolent humanitarians to improve your quality of life, which is just so Awesome!
-          The Freedom to obtain permits for EVERY known outdoor activity you want to participate in as required by a wealthy minority of benevolent humanitarians to improve your quality of life, which is just so Awesome!
-          The Freedom to obtain permission for all modifications to land and housing that you own(?) as required by a wealthy minority of benevolent humanitarians to improve your quality of life, which is just so Awesome!
-          The Freedom to choose which payment method you will use to remit fees, taxes, and interest amounting to more than two-thirds of your income to a wealthy minority of benevolent humanitarians to improve your quality of life, which is just so Awesome!
-          The Freedom to accept the TOTAL militarization of society for your safety, security, and protection from enemies you have never seen before as created by a wealthy minority of benevolent humanitarians to improve your quality of life, which is just so Awesome!
-          The Freedom to choose which provider will inject you and your children with fluids that you know nothing about that are required by a wealthy minority of benevolent humanitarians to improve your quality of life, which is just so Awesome!
-          The Freedom to choose which television network will provide you with information that has been pre-scripted and pre-approved by a wealthy minority of benevolent humanitarians to improve your quality of life, which is just so Awesome!
The Freedom to choose which brand of alcohol you would like to consume in order to drown out the very idea of your existence in a world of bondage that has been manipulated by a wealthy minority of benevolent humanitarians to improve your quality of life, which is just so Awesome!
Education comes from a book, not a building.  Schools are indoctrination centers, nothing more.  Gandhi told us all that a man who knows how to think does not need a teacher.  He is his own teacher.  'The Controllers' in this world do not want you to be educated.  They want you to be programmed.  Food for thought!
People, we have got to stop letting 'The Controllers' program us into killing and segregating each other; while they sit back, laugh at how stupid we are, and enjoy the vast wealth that comes with selling your soul.  Stay on the Journey of Awakening.  I have to admit, waking up is rather uncomfortable, but it must be done if we are to survive.  Once you are through the 'Nebula' then it will get easier.  I still have my days though!

I wrote this a while ago, and just thought it was VERY good.  I did clean it up a little.  Hope you enjoy!

- There is just such a fine line between Good and Evil, from the Metaphysical perspective.  The way we think, is what determines what side of the line we reside on.  A Noble Trait or Fruit of the Spirit can be manipulated to serve the Dark Side and become a Deadly Sin with the wrong intent.  Dante’s levels of Purgatory for purification of the 7 Deadly Sins illustrates this very well.  We must ask ourselves, what is our objective?  What is the true end goal of your present motivations?

At what point does:

Appreciation become Obsession - Lust?
Preparation become Hoarding - Gluttony?
Need become Want - Greed?
Acceptance become Apathy - Sloth?
Observation become Judgment - Wrath?
Gratitude become Narcissism - Envy?
Confidence become Arrogance - Pride?

Most of all, when does Faith become Expectation?  Think about it.  Love to All.  J

Becoming aware:

Part of the Journey of Awakening involves becoming aware of; and, then reversing the social programming we have received living in this country. If the ego is the computer, then social programming is the software. It is time to uninstall the software that keeps us in this lower level of consciousness.

Here are a few things we can do to combat the problem:

-Stop being offended:  As Don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements)  says, do not take anything personally. What others say or do is a projection of their own reality through their own false self. Often people consciously say the opposite of what their subconsciously thinking. Our subconscious follows the golden rule, and as we let more of our subconscious or higher self in our reality, we begin to refrain from saying things to others that may offend them as well.
-Let go of the need to win. Although games and challenges can sometimes have a positive influence on our advancement, we are in the process of letting go of third dimensional games as we move toward a higher way of living where there is no competition.

-Let go of the need to be right:  One person’s right is not necessarily another person’s right, as we all see things differently. When you let go of the need to prove that you are right, you reduce the opportunity for friction and argument. This is not meant to become passive or to stop standing up for your truth. Rather it is better to walk away from lower vibrational situations and instead focus on keeping your vibration up by standing in your truth by example. Choosing your battles wisely this time around is the key to advancement.

-Let go of the need to be superior:  We are all spiritual being on a human Journey of Awakening. While some are on a faster track to enlightenment than others, we should not judge those who take a different path as all paths converge to one. In the higher dimensions, we still retain our individuality but we know that we are all swimming in the sea of love that makes up the whole. Superiority is often confused with having knowledge or experience, and is one of those things that cause the patterns of falling civilizations over time.

-Let go of the need to have more:  Ego driven materialism is the downfall of humanity and is fueled by those who wish to keep us indebted as slaves to an economic system. Once you realize that these things do not fulfill the black hole within, you begin to let the need for them to fall away. A balance of having things that are necessary for comfort while losing the obsession or emotional attachment to them is the higher path. By getting rid of the unnecessary clutter in your life you make space within yourself for expansion.

-Let go of identifying yourself by your achievements:  Many people fear looking within themselves to find out who they really are apart from their title from a job or family status. This leads to crisis in life when it comes time for retirement or when the kids go off to college. There is no college degree, job title, social status, or award that will serve you in the ascension process.

-Let go of your reputation:  What other people think of you is none of your business. Some people get so obsessed with how they are seen by others that they lose themselves in false identities. It becomes a chore to try to remember who they are with one person or another. Being your true, authentic self is the best way to show love for yourself. Some people have much they could share with others about their awakening process or extraterrestrial contact but their ego will not allow them to share for fear of ruining their reputation.  Love to All. J
I have never seen anything that looks like coincidence when it comes to large scale disasters that involve the world's so-called 'Elite'.  I don't remember where I found the following article, but it is something that I agree wholeheartedly with.  This subject has never been discussed enough in the circles of Truth.  Love to All.  J


When we think of events that have transpired in history over the last one hundred to two hundred years, there are certain events that stand out as ones of great horror, great surprise and great sadness. Of the many that come to mind the most devastating have been the destruction of the the World Trade Center in New York City and the sinking of the Titanic.
The greatest tragedies in the last two hundred years can be traced to the Jesuits. We will now show that the Jesuits planned and carried out the sinking of the Titanic, and we will show why they did it.

Since the early 1830’s, America did not have a central bank. The Jesuits desperately wanted another central bank in America so that they would have a bottomless reservoir from which to draw money for their many wars and other hideous schemes around the world.

In 1910, seven men met on Jekyll Island just off the coast of Georgia to establish a central bank, which they called the Federal Reserve Bank. These men were Nelson Aldrich and Frank Vanderlip, both representing the Rockefeller financial empire; Henry Davison, Charles Norton, and Benjamin Strong, representing J.P. Morgan; and Paul Warburg, representing the Rothschild banking dynasty of Europe. We have already seen that the Rothschilds were the banking agents for the papacy’s Jesuits, holding “the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church.”

The Morgans were friendly competitors with the Rothschilds and became socially close to them. Morgan’s London-based firm was saved from financial ruin in 1857 by the Bank of England over which the Rothschilds held great influence. Thereafter, Morgan appears to have served as a Rothschild financial agent and went to great length to appear totally American....His [Rockefeller’s] entry into the field was not welcomed by Morgan, and they became fierce competitors. Eventually, they decided to minimize their competition by entering into joint ventures. In the end, they worked together to create a national banking cartel called the Federal Reserve System. — G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island, American Opinion Publishing, p. 209. (Emphasis supplied).

These three financial families, the Rothschilds, Morgans, and Rockefellers all do the bidding of the Jesuit Order because of Jesuit infiltration in their organizations. They do whatever is necessary to destroy constitutional liberty in America and to bring the pope to world domination. As we look back over the 20th century, we see how successful the Jesuits have been. They have continued to squander the wealth of America and continually attack its great constitution and civil liberties. Daily, the power of the pope in Vatican City increases. One day they will achieve total power again.

The building of the Titanic began in 1909 at a shipyard in Belfast, the capitol of Northern Ireland. Belfast was a Protestant haven and was hated by the Jesuits. World War One began just a few years later.  The Titanic was one of a fleet of ships owned by the White Star Line, an international shipping company.  Banking was not the only business in which Morgan had a strong financial interest. Using his control over the nation’s railroads as financial leverage, he had created an international shipping trust which included Germany’s two largest lines plus one of the two in England, the White Star Lines. — Ibid, p. 246.  There were a number of very rich and powerful men who made it abundantly clear that they were not in favor of the Federal Reserve System. J.P. Morgan was ordered by the Jesuits to build the Titanic. This ‘unsinkable’ ship would serve as the death ship for those who opposed the Jesuits’ plan for a Federal Reserve system.

These rich and powerful men would have been able to block the establishment of the Federal Reserve, and their power and fortunes had to be taken out of their hands. They had to be destroyed by a means so preposterous that no one would suspect that they were murdered, and no one would suspect the Jesuits. The Titanic was the vehicle of their destruction. In order to further shield the papacy and the Jesuits from suspicion, many Irish, French, and Italian Roman Catholics immigrating to the New World were aboard. They were people who were expendable. Protestants from Belfast who wanted to immigrate to the United States were also invited on board.

All the wealthy and powerful men the Jesuits wanted to get rid of were invited to take the cruise. Three of the richest and most important of these were Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, the head of Macy’s Department Stores, and John Jacob Astor, probably the wealthiest man in the world. Their total wealth, at that time, using dollar values of their day was more than 500 million dollars. Today that amount of money would be worth nearly eleven billion dollars. These three men were coaxed and encouraged to board the floating palace. They had to be destroyed because the Jesuits knew they would use their wealth and influence to oppose a Federal Reserve Bank as well as the various wars that were being planned.
Edward Smith was the captain of the Titanic. He had been traveling the North Atlantic waters for twenty-six years and was the world’s most experienced master of the North Atlantic routs. He had worked for Jesuit, J.P. Morgan, for many years.

Edward Smith was a ‘Jesuit tempore co-adjator.’ This means that he was not a priest, but he was a Jesuit of the short robe. Jesuits are not necessarily priests. Those who are not priests serve the order through their profession. Anyone could be a Jesuit, and their identity would not be known. Edward Smith served the Jesuit Order in his profession as a sea captain.
Many interesting points about the Titanic are discussed in a videotape made by National Geographic in 1986. The videotape is entitled The Secrets of the Titanic. When the Titanic departed from Southern England on April 10, 1912, Francis Browne, the Jesuit master of Edward Smith, boarded the Titanic. This man was the most powerful Jesuit in all of Ireland and answered directly to the general of the Jesuit Order in Rome. The videotape declares:  A vacationing priest, Father Francis Browne, caught these poignant snapshots of his fellow passengers, most of them on a voyage to eternity. The next day Titanic made her last stop off the coast of Queenstown, Ireland. Here tenders brought out the last passengers; mostly Irish immigrants headed for new homes in America. And here, the lucky Father Browne disembarked.... Father Browne caught Captain Smith peering down from Titanic’s bridge, poised on the brink of destiny. — The Secrets of the Titanic, National Geographic, video tape, 1986.

Here is Jesuit treachery at its finest. The Provincial [Father Francis Browne] boards Titanic, photographs the victims, most assuredly briefs the Captain concerning his oath as a Jesuit, and the following morning bids him farewell. — Eric J. Phelps, Vatican Assassins, Halycon Unified Services, p. 427.

Browne went over with Edward Smith one last time exactly what he was supposed to do in the North Atlantic waters. The Jesuit General told Francis Browne what was to happen; Browne then tells Smith and the rest is history. Edward Smith believed that the Jesuit General . . . is the god of the [Jesuit] society, and nothing but his electric touch can galvanize their dead corpses into life and action. Until he speaks, they are like serpents coiled up in their wintry graves, lifeless and inactive; but the moment he gives the word of command, each member springs instantaneously to his feet, leaving unfinished whatsoever may have engaged him, ready to assail whomsoever he may require to be assailed, and to strike wheresoever he shall direct a blow to be stricken. — R.W. Thompson, The Footprints of the Jesuits, Hunt and Eaton, pp. 72, 73.

Edward Smith was given an order to sink the Titanic and that is exactly what he did.  By the command of God, [the Jesuit General] it is lawful to murder the innocent, to rob, to commit all lewdness, because he [the Pope] is Lord of life, and death, and of all things; and thus to fulfill his mandate is our duty. — W. C. Brownlee, Secret Instructions of the Jesuits, American and Foreign Christian Union, p. 143.

There is no record in history of an association whose organization has stood for three hundred years unchanged and unaltered by all the assaults of men and time, and which has exercised such an immense influence over the destinies of mankind… ‘The ends justify the means,’ is his favorite maxim; and as his only end, as we have shewn, is the order, at its bidding the Jesuit is ready to commit any crime whatsoever. — G. B. Nicolini, The History of the Jesuits, Henry G. Bohn, pp. 495, 496, emphasis added.
Let us remember the oath that every person takes to become a part of the Jesuit Order:  I should regard myself as a dead body, without will or intelligence, as a little crucifix which is turned about unresistingly at the will of him who holds it as a staff in the hands of an old man, who uses it as he requires it, and as it suits him best. — R. W. Thompson, The Footprints of the Jesuits, Hunt and Eaton, p. 54.

When a person takes the Jesuit Oath, he is bound to his master until the day that he dies. Edward Smith had become a man without will or intelligence. He would commit any crime the Order wanted him to commit. Edward Smith had been required for martyrdom. On board the Titanic that night, Edward Smith knew his duty. He was under oath. The ship had been built for the enemies of the Jesuits. After three days at sea with only one pair of glasses for the bridge, Edward Smith propelled the Titanic full speed ahead, twenty-two knots, on a moonless dark night through a gigantic ice field nearly eighty square miles in area. Edward Smith did this despite at least eight telegrams warning him to be more cautious because he was going too fast.

Did Edward Smith need one caution? No, he had been traveling those waters for twenty-six years. He knew there were icebergs in that area. But eight cautions did not stop this man who was under the Jesuit oath, and under orders to destroy the Titanic. The absurdity of warning veteran Captain Edward Smith repeatedly on Titanic’s tragic night to slow down is nothing short of preposterous. The fact that Smith never listened or heeded the warnings is insane. He had been given orders from his god in the Vatican, and nothing would turn him from his course.

The encyclopedias paint a very tragic picture of Smith in his last hours. When it came time to give the order to load and lower the lifeboats, Smith wavered and one of his aids had to approach him for the order to be given. Smith’s legendary skills of leadership seem to have left him; he was curiously indecisive and unusually cautious on that fatal night. Are these words to describe a legendary sea captain with 26 years of experience, or are these words to describe a man who was struggling in his mind whether he should do his duty as a sea captain or obey his master who told him to sink the ship?
John Jacob Astor’s wife got into a life boat and was saved, while John Jacob Astor perished in the waters of the North Atlantic. There were not enough lifeboats and many of them were only half full with only women and children. To prevent nearby freighters from responding with help, the distress flares were white when they should have been red. White flares to passing freighters state that everybody was having a party.

One of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century, the sinking of the Titanic, lies at the door of the Jesuit Order. The unsinkable ship, the floating palace was created to be the tomb for the wealthy, who opposed the Federal Reserve System. By April, 1912, all opposition to the Federal Reserve was eliminated. In December of 1913, the Federal Reserve System came into being in the United States. Eight months later, the Jesuits had sufficient funding through the Federal Reserve bank to begin World War One.
Humans always seem to be looking to the sky in search for ‘Intelligent’ life.  That is possibly the biggest oxymoron I have ever heard.  ‘Intelligent’ life would not be committing genocide amongst its own species.  ‘Intelligent’ life would not be destroying the very ecosystems that supports their existence.  ‘Intelligent’ life would not destroy anything, but make use of it and then replace it.  ‘Intelligent’ life would not be torturing its own population.  ‘Intelligent’ life would not be spraying vast amount of chemicals into the air they breathe.  ‘Intelligent’ life would not be ignoring atrocities being done to them.  ‘Intelligent’ life would not be judging others or treating them with disrespect.  Maybe humans need to look inward for a while.  Love to All.  J